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Excellent Service

We have a policy at MAXCOOL, you don’t get a job unless you genuinely love cars. Therefore everyone at MAXCOOL has a great passion for cars and often use a MAXCOOL radiator themselves. So when it comes to needing a radiator you can be assured you will be speaking to someone who really knows their stuff. Our staff pride themselves on their superior knowledge of radiators.

Our staff have carefully picked lots of young racers to sponsor, both in Australia and UK. By sponsoring these young racers we get to see the huge potential in our radiators and get to help the young guys in motorsport rise up. Our staff also have their own enthusiast car groups and racing teams sharing in the great passion of cars.

Further to assist you we carry stock in different parts of the world, Australia and Hong Kong, so when ordering you can either order from our stock piles or through our manufacturing plants, generally companies with high quantity orders will order through our manufacturing plants, saving the most money.

We offer a very large range of automotive products, over 10,000 different parts. We have parts for Japanese, American, European and Korean cars. All of our automotive products have been designed to be the same or better than O.E. We recommend you to have a look at our part database within this website, if you can find what you are looking for pl